How to move more

Guys, we need to realize that life is SO good. You have your health and a warm bed to sleep in every night. You have a job that you may or may not like, but it allows you to live and pay your bills.
Even being able to read this post on that device you are holding is pretty remarkable, if you think about it. Some people would do terrible things to be wearing the clothes you are wearing, do the things you do everyday, and have the ones that love and care about you.
I am all about gratitude. Most things “could be worse”…it’s a matter of perspective. Also, know that you have the power change the situation that you are in.

How are those health and fitness goals for this year coming along? Are you moving more and feeling better in your body? Are you eating things that make you feel good and look good? Are you keeping it simple?

We have enough stress in our lives. No need to add to it with pressure to do the most bad-ass, intense workouts to get you and your body where you want it to be. My advice…move more and move often.
Moving could mean a workout in the gym, it could also be playing with your dog, or walking around the block. The more movement you have in your day, I guarantee you’ll be happier and feel more accomplished. I don’t mean running yourself to the ground, I mean purposeful tasks that will force you to use your body over the choice of not.

Try a few of these this week:

  • Always take the stairs and don’t be afraid to take more than one trip for things
  • Play with your kids- have a hula hooping contest or play tag
  • Stand up at work whenever you have some water
  • Park your car further away from work/gym/grocery store
  • Walk(on a tread or somewhere safe) while you play video games or read
  • Dance often- in your car, with friends, while you’re alone, anytime
  • Take a 1 minute stretch break every hour at work- whether it’s your legs or just your hands!
  • Plan only your workout day, not your rest days
  • Go outside and walk around the block (maybe even more than once!)

In life we always have choices. The options might not always be blatantly great ones, but we have to make decisions and do our damndest to make them work for us. Don’t sit and wonder why shit isn’t getting done when you know you’re not doing the work. Move more and move often. #NeverStopMakingMoves

#funfact : A dog’s normal body temperature is 100-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

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