What kind of impact do you want to have? You can have an impact on your circle of friends, within your family, at your workplace, and even the WORLD!

First of all, what does “impact” mean? To me, having an impact involves inspiring and motivating others to do something they probably wouldn’t have done without your influence.
Second, what is something that moves you, something that you’re passionate about? I love to help people find their version of healthy, what makes them feel good and how to make this their lifestyle. Your passion can be yoga, traveling, writing, photography, gardening, cars…anything! Anything that makes your happy to your core.
If you need to spend time with yourself to figure out where your passion lies, I highly encourage you to do that!

I am extremely fortunate to be able to work in the field that I am passionate about. Whenever I help someone find the motivation to continue their clean eating, or realize that they’ve become stronger in a certain exercise, or stay positive during a difficult week…that’s impact.
Just by living in my truth of my passion, living a healthy and active lifestyle with a positive mindset, I get to have an impact everyday.

Let’s say hiking is something that you’re passionate about. It makes you SO happy to be out on the trail, adventuring in nature. What kind of impact could you have? You could invite friends and family to hike with you so they too can enjoy it. Maybe there is a local hiking group you can become part of, joining a community of like-minded people gives you the opportunity to create relationships that will impact everyone involved. You could vow to pick up 3 pieces of trash while you’re out on the trails…there are so many directions that impact can lead to. Don’t underestimate your efforts and value!

Speaking of trash…let’s get together to impact our environment. I challenge you to pick up 1 piece of trash today. The California population is over 39,000,000, the United States is over 325,000,000…can you imagine the impact we would have if everyone picked up ONE pice of trash?! Let’s do it.

Bottom line: you have the potential to make an impact on our world. Whether it’s within your office to start a walking club, or maybe cooking and sharing a simple and healthy meal with a friend, or even picking up a piece of trash. A little bit goes a long way.

#funfact : 23 days until summer!

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