Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

We have all been through intimidating job interviews, uncomfortable conversations, pushed through exhausted times and done things that we aren’t quite as prepared for as we’d like.

How did you feel after you got through it? Sigh of relief. You did it…it’s over and you’re alive.

Whether it went the way you hoped it would or not, you can take pride in the fact that you got it done. You may have built up a much more stressful and challenging time than it actually was. When you handle situations that you dread and maybe scare you a little, you grow each time. You grow by learning from these interactions and conversations that you have.

For example, it’s your first day at a new job. Your manager tours you around the building introducing you to your new colleagues as you go. You make it back to your desk and you’re alone…now what?! You’re supposed to get started on some things but you’re unsure of where to begin.

You could either writhe at your desk, stressing over how to do your job or you could get up and ask Miguel, that friendly-looking guy you had met earlier, where to find the things you need to get started. But you don’t want to bother him. What if he thinks that you’re incompetent? What if he’s not actually as friendly as he looks?

You’ve got to get to work so after sitting with your thoughts for a few more moments, you stand up and walk over to ask for help. As soon as you re-introduce yourself and confess that you’re lost, he smiles and offers his assistance. He too remembers his first day and would be happy to help.

On the other end of the spectrum, you are finding yourself frustrated with a friend that you used to be close with. They are negative and constantly burdening you with complaints about their “horrible life”. It has begun to take a toll on you mentally and emotionally. Whenever you’re around them you leave feeling really low. You know that if you continue to spend time with them when they are in this state, it will continue to bring you down.

There is a difficult conversation that you must have in order to protect your well-being. You go back and forth in your head about whether you want to bring it up, it could hurt their feelings and you could lose a friend, but this really isn’t okay for you.

You decide to sit them down the next time you see them to ask if everything is okay and share with them that their negative emotions are very strong and beginning to affect you. They take it terribly and begin to cry and tell you what a horrible friend you are. After they storm out, you don’t speak for the next week. You feel down about losing a friend however you begin to notice that without the negative energy bogging you down, you are keeping a much lighter state of mind and feeling happier.

By exposing yourself to pretty major discomfort you have allowed yourself to become more resilient and end up in a better place.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It will open up opportunities that you wouldn’t have known about had you stayed scared and quiet.

#funfact: A human’s ears & nose never stop growing.

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