Traveling? Good…keep moving

Summer is upon us and it feels so good, doesn’t it? I know I’ve been taking advantage of the warmer weather and longer days. You may be getting ready to go on vacation or take some business trips this summer, don’t use it as an excuse to let go of your movements and workouts- they’re still important!
I don’t want you to feel stressed about getting your workouts in while you’re supposed to be relaxing, but you know you feel so much better when you do things that make you feel strong, mobile and proud.

Here are a few ways to stay active and feeling good while you’re away and traveling:

HYDRATE. Drink extra water while flying and after you’ve arrived at your destination. Dehydration is an easy way to feel fatigued and asking for a headache.
Especially if your vacation involves alcohol, aim for a 1:1 ratio of alcoholic beverage and water…your body thanks you now.

STRETCH. While you’re at the airport get some calf stretches in, stretch those quads, bring your arms overhead and get some side bends going on. Afraid of looking weird? I bet those people are wishing they were moving and feeling good like you do!
Hotel rooms are a great place for yoga. If you don’t have a mat, grab a bath towel and lay it out. Find a video on YouTube to follow or guide yourself through whatever your body is calling for.

WORK THOSE MUSCLES. You’ve been working out leading up to this trip, don’t quit now. If you don’t have access to a gym, pushups, bodyweight squats/lunges, and planks are a great way to get a sweat. AND they can be done anytime, anywhere…don’t be shy, you might inspire someone else to get moving.

GET ALL THE STEPS. Walking is highly underrated as a form of movement and cardio. Carry your phone around with you or wear your fitness tracker to track your activity, aim to get the same amount that you would in a normal day. If you’re not sure, 10,000 steps is always a good benchmark for a day of movement.

EAT FRESH. No, not Subway. Eat fresh and colorful foods. I’m sure you won’t be eating as clean or on routine like you normally would, but eating crappy will make you feel crappy. Try to avoid extra salty foods and eating late at night, those things will definitely not make you feel great.

Overall, keep it simple. Stick with things that make you look and feel your best. This is your vacation/time away, we wouldn’t want to spend time worrying about what you look like or feeling crappy because of an alcohol or food hangover. Keep moving, feed yourself well and be kind to yourself…you deserve it.

#funfact: July is national blueberry month!

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