What does being healthy mean (to you)?

healthy (adjective) : in good health

Being healthy has many interpretations and can be overwhelming, especially when just getting started on a health and fitness journey.

There is physical health in terms of blood pressure, cardio levels, strength, body composition, etc. These pieces can be an interpretation of our day-to-day habits. What we put in our mouth, if we prioritize our sleep, how often we move our body. What you choose to do (or not do) impacts your physical health bit by bit each day.
While there is also a genetic aspect to our health, there is much left to us and how we decide to treat our bodies. We possess the ability to rewrite our genetic makeup, to a certain extent. My grandmother had diabetes, my mother has diabetes; however, through being mindful of eating habits and being consistently active I hope to halt this cycle. Although, I understand this is only one piece of the puzzle.

Emotional health is huge. How we feel can dictate our day no matter what you might have on your calendar. Many of us deal with anxiety and depression each day. I have experienced rough patches, down times, and feelings of helplessness, like many others. Learning how to manage these feelings, either through breathing practices and meditation, speaking with a professional, or habits that enable us to feel our best, can allow us to navigate through these feelings as they come or perhaps prevent them from coming on. Know that you are not alone, and these feelings are temporary. Stay confident that things will get better, if you let them.

Being healthy, to me, is being able to wake up with energy, feel good, and have the ability to tackle the day with a smile. While every moment may not be rainbows and unicorns, I keep the mindset of gratitude. Gratitude for my home, a job that I love, great people I get to surround myself with, being able to live and pay my bills…simple things. With these things in mind I can make the conscious decisions to make sure I have healthy things to eat, move my body each day to stay strong, and get myself into bed early. Being healthy doesn’t need to be a big chore, but instead something we get to strive and work for each day.

As we dive into the last quarter of this year and get ready for the new decade…I encourage you to think about how you feel when you feel healthy and well. What does that look like to you? What do you do to help you feel that way?
Find those things and hold onto them.

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