Get your mind right

Think about something that you want. It can be short-term or long-term.

Right now I’m battling a sickness and I want to be healthy again. I’m listening to my body, taking it easy, drinking water…keeping it simple.
Longer term I want to be a more knowledgeable and practiced person to improve quality of life, for myself and others. So I keep an open mind, learn from others, read often and complete new certifications…again, simple.

When you know what you want to do, we usually have an idea of how to get it done, it’s just a matter of getting started. To get started to have to know that you can do it.
Mindset. Mindset. Mindset.

One of my favorite lines is “If they can do it, I can do it“, whatever “it” is! Whether you’re trying to get after those gainz or eat clean to improve your health, others have paved the way to show that it’s possible(and may have shown HOW to do it). Now it’s your turn to take action and make it happen for yourself!

I think having a proactive and positive mindset is imperative for living a fulfilled and happy life. Shit happens to everyone, however, you control your reaction to it. Just because something “bad” happens doesn’t mean you should throw away your whole day over it. Find the positives in the situation, vent to a friend if you need, then MOVE ON.
-What are you going to do to not let that happen again?
-What can you do to correct the situation?

You get a parking ticket…DAMN! But then you realize “at least I have a car (that I parked in the wrong place…)”. I know I’ve parked in the wrong places or got away with things that I should’ve gotten a ticket for in the past, so I take it as a balance from those types of events. Another favorite line is “It could’ve been worse!” Good thing your car hadn’t gotten towed or broken into. Focus on the positives, learn to read the parking signs more carefully and let it go! Don’t dwell on it or let it linger into your day and the people you interact with.

Finding the positives in what seem like totally negative situations is such a powerful tool to have. Imagine being able to let “problems” roll off your shoulder like raindrops on an umbrella. With any goal you have, there will be obstacles. Learn to be proactive and stay positive…you know everything is going to be just fine.

We have to have the right mindset to achieve our goals, hence why I’m starting here If you’re needing a little push and some motivation, let’s collaborate! Support is so necessary and I’ve got your back!

#funfact : Grapes are a healthy and easy snack! They contain polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

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