Second quarter check in

The second quarter of 2018 is already underway…how do you feel about your first quarter?
What are you proud of? Find things to celebrate- big and small.
What do you not want to bring into the next one? Ditch the things that don’t serve you well or make you feel great.
What are your goals for the second quarter of the year? Focus on what you want to make happen.

In this first quarter of 2018, I found a new way of thinking- “if I am uncomfortable with a situation, I have the power to change it”. Instead of being unhappy with something or making excuses for why something hasn’t happened yet, I know that I have the potential to get myself to that desired place.
I found a new way to move. Revolution in Motion is my new way of connecting my body and brain so they both will get stronger. It also helps to realign the structure of my body so that I can move with less pain from old injuries while preventing new ones.
Also, I am excited to have finally created this platform for myself and you all to share my thoughts and ideas of how to live a healthy and happy life.

For this next quarter of the year, I am choosing to spend more productive time alone. I thrive with the company of others, however I realized that I rely on that company to keep myself occupied while I let things in my own life slip by without being handled…NO MORE! I will not wait until the last second to get things done. I am finding a sense of urgency for myself.

Eating is something that I’ve always loved, too much. I’ve struggled with eating when I’m not hungry and still continuing even after I’m full. While I get work done or study, I tend to mindlessly munch and it leaves me feeling overstuffed and guilty. I have begun to listen to my body’s real hunger cues and not the clock necessarily telling me when to eat. My goal for the next few months is to cut the mindless munching while I work by setting out a portion of food and sticking to that- that’s it!
With life overall, I strive to make each day a great one. Living with gratitude allows us to find wonder in “average” days. This is something I am going to undoubtedly continue and I will share this gratitude with 1 person everyday.

Summer will be here before we know it, how are you setting yourself up for it?
Think about those three questions. You are the author of your own book, make it a great one filled with whatever you want and leaving out the things you don’t want or need.

#funfact: opia : (noun) the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable…
Sourced from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

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