Why I don’t plan rest days

How many times do you have your workouts set for the week and then suddenly you find yourself unable to follow through? Life can be unexpected sometimes- things come up and plans change. I’ve been able to achieve more movement, consistent workouts, and overall feeling better when I don’t plan on taking a rest day.

My current training program is centered around full body movements, lower weights, and higher reps to keep my heart rate up, build my muscular endurance and getting lean for the upcoming months. I have also included at least 20 minutes of cardio with each workout. Some days are intense intervals on the treadmill or stair master, other days are endurance rides on the spin bike, some days my body can only handle walking.
I assume that everyday I will get some sort of activity in. Whether I’m able to get a good lift in or take a nice walk outside with a friend, I’m moving.

Take a look at your week. Schedule those gym days, make workout dates with a partner, find times when you’ll be able to walk on down time. Don’t even bother scheduling a rest day, they will happen naturally when life happens or if your body tells you to take a break.

If you find yourself in a day that you aren’t able to workout like planned:
throw in 20 jumping jacks every hour while you’re at home or work
do forearm planks and jog in place while you wait for laundry
try some reverse lunges when chatting with friends (maybe they’ll join you)
play with your pet a little extra that evening
find a yoga video on YouTube, if that’s what feels good for you
…just keep moving! It all adds up and doesn’t go to waste.

While we all have plans to stay on track and be consistent with our workouts, life has other plans for us sometimes. Don’t let yourself get off that easy and blow it off. Challenge yourself to move more throughout the day- NO MATTER WHAT.

#funfact: Hello Kitty’s name is Kitty White and she is in the third grade…forever.

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