That voice in your head

There is a constant voice in your head. It’s telling you that you can do it. It’s telling you that you can’t do it. You want to get this done. You’re tired and don’t want to do’s powerful, whatever it’s saying.

The self-talk that we allow to flow through our minds has the potential to shape how our day will go and how we live our life. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “whether you think you can or you can’t- you’re right” (thanks, Henry Ford).

Negative thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t know enough” place heavy limits on your capacity for accomplishments. Delete those thoughts. Instead replace it with “I am good enough” and “I have the ability to learn what I need to know“. You might not be where you want to be right now, but you have the power to change your situation.

We are amazing human beings that have the potential to change and grow. We are not fixed in any one place or position forever. Let’s change that voice in our head to positive self-talk.
I am going to crush this workout. I like to eat healthy. I have value to bring to others.
This positive self-talk might not always come easy and we might doubt ourselves sometimes, but disregard the doubts and remember that you have powerful potential to grow.

While we are all humans, we have different types of feelings- good and bad. It’s important to acknowledge these thoughts. We might not too feel great all the time. There are tough days that drain us. Exciting days that charge us up. Situations happen that we can’t control, but we can control how we react to them.
If there is something that defeats us, it’s natural to feel down about it, but what are you going to do to get yourself out of it and not let it happen again? You’re allowed to feel however you are feeling, but be strong in not letting it consume you. You deserve to uplift yourself and realize the powerful potential you have.

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