Mid-summer check in

How is it mid-July already? It seems like winter and spring ran away from me and now I blinked and we’re more than halfway through July. I had always heard that time goes fast as you get older, but I didn’t imagine LIGHT SPEED. Alas…here we are. And how are you?
What things have you done for yourself lately? In what ways are you moving your body, making it stronger and healthier? What kinds of new, nourishing foods have you tried? Who have you been surrounding yourself with? And most importantly, how do you feel?

I had a revelation earlier this season about how the things we experience, the lives we are creating, second-by-second, are only moments in time. Yes, I know this is obvious and has been said over and over again, however by taking some time to sit and just watch time and people pass the same spot made me realize it more than ever. That spot I watched on the Santa Monica Pier has hundreds of people pass through it everyday- silly conversations, embarrassing moments, laughs shared, food spilled, so many different languages all at that same spot in ever-changing instances. After that group of people left, another came, and so on…time comes and goes.
So many are obsessed with creating meticulous lives to present to others and appear a certain way. Say and do all the right things. Always look polished and put together.
I say…relaaaax. There is no fun in going through the motions and worrying in our minds about what we should’ve done differently, what those people think about us, or anything like that. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Time is flying by us, let’s take control of the things that we have control over.

Circling back to this mid-summer check in…
This year has been incredible. I’ve made wonderful memories with my friends and family, got to explore new places, take on new challenges, meet new people, and I’ve been building my business slowly but successfully. It feels damn good! Recently though I have been feeling down on myself about not looking or feeling the way I want. Over the last few months, my body composition has changed in an unfavorable way. As a personal trainer, I take that as a loss. However, it’s exhilarating to know that I’m still in control. If I’m not digging the way the way I feel, I have the power to change it- and I will! I’m learning to embrace and own these changes that my body is going through, and remembering this is just a moment in time.

I have lived a food-focused life for the 27 years I’ve been on this planet. It’s a constant focus on what meal is next, what snacks should I bring, what kind of food will be there, etc.
How about living a internally-focused life? Keeping thoughts of:
how does this actually make me feel?
-how are my energy levels?
-will I be happy with this decision at the end of the day?

Seems simple enough, but we often fail to take a moment to internalize our options, decisions and their outcomes.

This is just part of my own journey…what things are you guys celebrating or struggling with? I encourage you to reflect and realize how you’re feeling, welcome these emotions and know that you have control of the options that will keep them constant or change them. You are not stuck and you are great.

2 thoughts on “Mid-summer check in

  1. Maggie Rodriguez

    I love the way you ended this! I’ve started to be more mindful of how I feel after I eat certain foods, how my body feels. Do I feel heavy, bloated, tired, energized, satisfied, etc. I’m thinking of starting a food journal to track how my food makes me feel rather than how many calories are in each meal.


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