What are you listening to?

I love Podcasts!! They’re great for motivation, inspiration, dance tunes, keeping me informed and so much more. I want to share a few of my favorite podcasts so you guys can listen and grow with me!

Why Not Now? with Amy Jo Martin– seriously great and real stories of how people get through big life decisions by asking themselves “why not now?” I really credit this show to giving myself permission to take action into things I might not feel like I’m ready for but know I want to do. I love Amy Jo’s light & fun personality allowing others to open up and share their stories.

TED Radio Hour– based off TED Talks of all different topics. Guy Raz walks us through interviews with such an eclectic group of people sharing their experiences and expertise. Some of my favorite episodes are Simply Happy, Just a Little Nicer, and Press Play. If you’re into TED Talks, you’ll want to check these out.

Success Insider– although there aren’t any new episodes being recorded, I love going through the archives and listening to Shelby and Josh share digestible information and action steps on how to make your professional life run smoother. I love their episodes on Why Being Socially Awkward is Awesome, How to Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Would You Simply Be Quiet, among so many others.

Style Your Mind– Cara Alwill Leyba is such a female powerhouse! I love her attitude and outlook on life, just living your truth and going for what you want. Her shows are a combination of interviews with influential women and solo pieces on “styling your life”- whether you’re thinking about starting a new business endeavor, having a tough conversation, or how to make yourself shine at your best, Cara shares her insight on it through her lens.

Art of Charm– this podcast was originally created for men as a way to help them get more comfortable and confident around women, however it has evolved into a show that provides value to both men & women. AJ and Johnny cover topics like “The Art of…the First Impression, Body Language“, “Leading with Value” and they share interviews with experts about how to provide more value to ourselves and building our own confidence. This one has become one of my favorites because of the diversity and practicality of the lessons.

Mixmash Radio– for my EDM lovers, my favorite DJ, Laidback Luke, has a monthly podcast sharing his favorite dance floor hits and bangers from his record labels. I highly recommend for road trips, workouts, and anytime you need some good tunes.

Podcasts are how I start my mornings during the week and they take me on long car rides to pass the time more productively. These are some of my go-to’s…what podcasts do you guys love?

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