You have choices

It’s true! We all have the power to make decisions for ourselves…right?! You choose whether or not you make time to workout. Whether you’re going to eat something that is nourishing to your body or something that won’t do you well. You can sit in a funk about not being happy where you’re at or decide to take action!

Realize that you have the power to make the decisions that ultimately define the situations you find yourself in. Hold yourself accountable and powerfully.

What goals have you set that you haven’t achieved yet? What do you need to do to get them done?

Getting fit and healthy looks different for everyone, but at some level we all strive to look and feel our best. Genetics plays a role in body types but in every food choice we make, opportunity to move-we either take or leave, and our ability to listen to our body’s needs we decide what kind of shape we are in.
If you choose to eat only 1 meal a day that consists of low nutrient dense foods and snack on packaged and processed foods with low water intake, you might find yourself not looking or feeling the way you want.
If you decide to go for a hike with a friend instead of opting for sitting at home on your phone, I know that your body and mind would thank you.
Healthy, active lifestyles come from those small, everyday choices that we make everyday.

Your happiness and well-being depend on your quality of life. What kind of people are you spending your time with? How do you feel about the job that you’re spending 30-40 hours at? How is your overall mindset and perspective throughout the day?
Choose to spend less time with the people that leave you drained and feeling down. If you are unhappy with the job you have, find a career that makes you fulfilled and productive. Shift your thoughts to focus on the wins and constructive aspects of losses.

Sound simple?…it is! Doesn’t mean that all of these decisions come easy, but you know yourself best and it’s imperative that we stand firm for our truths and what will set us up on a path for success.
Make decisions based on your own present and future.

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